Scalpa is a skincare instrument for the scalp and skin.

what is an ultra sound?

An ultra sound can be vibrated up to 200 million times per second. Liquids and soft solid bodies propagate ultra sound well, as opposed to gas or hard solid bodies.

how to use


Apply lotion or gel to the skin, and then apply ultra sound by Scalpa through lymph nodes.
Simply select the low-mode option for treatments between three to ten minutes.
You can select the high-mode when you want a more thorough treatment.


Change Scalpa to pulse mode and then flip it over to apply pulse on the skin.
If there is enough lotion or gel remaining on the skin, you can start the next treatment as it is. Though, it would be much better to apply more lotion or essence.

The effects of ultra sound

It works for increasing hair density, improving hair elasticity end hair restoration. Also there is cavitations-effect that improves the skin condition.

Ultrasonic skincare instrument

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