the process from ordering to delivery:

Prescriptions are made according to the costumers’ requests. It is very specific work and only highly skilled technicians are capable of designing the prescriptions.


We prescribe a sample for the costumer according to the prescription.
(The amount of \10,000 is required as a deposit)


We send the sample to the costumer after confirming stability of the sample with a sample description.


If you want to change the scent or the texture of the first sample, we prescript the second sample free of charge. (The third sample and over costs \5,000 each for the ingredients.


Following your approval of the sample, we make an estimate according to the quantity of your orders.

Our next process involves deciding upon which type of container, label design and the registration process of the sale/brand name of your cosmetics.


Having received and confirmed your order, we immediately start the production process.

As we handle each of your products individually, both in the filling and packaging, the period for delivery varies according to the quantity of your order.

Shipping, we need one week to three weeks to prepare.