outline of company

company business philosophy

Belle Coeur Laboratory Co., Ltd. services our customers by producing our products with beautiful heart, or belle coeur in French.
We have been researching cosmetology from different aspects such as internally, externally and spiritually. We are now working together to deploy the accumulated results to produce effective cosmetics for our customers in 21st century and also to continue research into providing genuine cosmetics.

outline of company

Trade Name Belle Coeur Laboratory Co., Ltd.
The address of the company 10-30, Utsukushigaoka 5-jyo 9-tyome, Kiyota-ku Sapporo-shi Hokkaido 004-0815 Japan
Telephone 81-11-8819666
Fax 81-11-8815656
CEO Masayuki Shibata
Foundation date April 12 1993
Capital \29,000,000
Content of Business
  1. 1. Research and development of organic cosmetics
  2. 2. Research and development of OEM cosmetics
  3. 3. Research and development of skincare preparations
  4. 4. Research and development of cosmetics for beauty treatment clinic business use
  5. 5. Research and development of cosmetics for beauty salon business use
  6. 6. Research and development of healthy food, diet supplement
  7. 7. Training and education for beauticians
  8. 8. Cosmetology consultant
  9. 9. Cosmetic related education
  1. 1. Member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Sapporo
  2. 2. Japan Cosmetic Industry Association
  3. 3. Japanese Society for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  4. 4. The Chemical Society of Japan
  5. 5. Society of Preventive and Alternative Medicine

history of Company

1985 Foundation of Shibata Technical Laboratory
1989 Foundation of Belle Coeur Co., Ltd.
1990 Foundation of Belle Coeur Laboratory Inc.
License acquisition of Cosmetic Manufacturer
Apr.1993 Foundation of Belle Coeur Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Integrated Belle Coeur Laboratory Inc. with Shibata Technical Laboratory
Conducted the first recapitalization
License acquisition of Cosmetic Overseas Commerce
1999 License acquisition of health food and beverage (placenta) manufacturer
Commenced production of Order System Skincare cosmetics
Commenced production of Order System Shampoos
Jun. 2011 Moved to new company building
Aug. 2011 License acquisition of quasi-drugs manufacturer
Dec. 2011 Conducted the second recapitalization
2013 The 25th anniversary of foundation of the Belle Coeur Laboratory Co., Ltd.

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