our factory

We utilize works using the hands in the majority of the manufacturing processes in order to deliver our customers products’ reliably and safely with consistently high quality.
The cosmetics are used over a long period of time for skin care so we are making daily efforts to avoid our products from causing any kind of skin problems with thorough quality controls and quality enhancements.

before entering the factory

In the entrance hall, each factory worker must wear a white coat ,wash their hands, wear a mask and a cap and change their shoes to indoor shoes.
The final step is to enter the air duster device area to blow any dust or hair off their white coats.


Due to receiving a small amount of production as “Original Equipment Manufacturer”, we use different equipment according to the quantity of orders. Sometimes we must use large-scale machines for large quantity of orders but we try to employ factory hands as much as possible so that the work is done by hand. We even confirm the texture of our products to maintain the same quality that we deliver, by using viscometers to measure the viscosity of our products. Of course, samples of the original products from manufacturing are all handmade.


We fill our cosmetic products in various sized containers, sterilized with heat and alcohol by hand, in order to correspond with the quantity of orders.
The semi-automatic machines are used for filling work when there is a large quantity of orders but we always apply our products are always finished by hand.
Even the labeling is done by hand.


We conduct an inspection of the finished products. We then place plenty of packing materials to the products in boxes by hand before shipping.
These procedures by hand prevent any mistakes after the inspection.

samples storage

We keep the stored samples of each product in the storage room which maintains suitable conditions. If there are any problems found in costumers’ cosmetics, we can immediately take the sample and investigate the causes to find solutions.

the other instruments

We have various instruments: microscopes for scalp conditions, electron microscopes for both skin and hair analysis, and an SPF analyzer to measure SPF count. These are not production instruments. The data from these instruments is utilized to develop new products as well as improve our manufacturing skills.