The origin of belle coeur laboratory

In 1997 there was a problem in Japan relating to cosmetic damage called “women’s face melasma”. At that time Dr. Masayuki Shibata, current president of our company, who was researching various supplements, considered the problem and reached a conclusion that agents for human skin must be absolutely safe.

The trademark of belle coeur laboratory describes the “true beauty” of women.

The Trademark of Belle Coeur Laboratory describes the “True beauty” of women. What is true beauty? It cannot be simply the daily care for outer beauty only. It also requires care for our inner beauty as well as our spiritual. It is called "The Three Aspects Beauty Care". Our trademark shows the idea of the three aspects of beauty that lead to a Beautiful Heart.


We utilize works using the hands in the majority of the manufacturing processes in order to deliver our customers products’ reliably and safely with consistently high quality.